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From the President

An oasis is a spot in the desert where an abundant source of water is found.  10 years ago I had reached the height of my addiction to diet coke.  I loved it so much that I named my new puppy "Soda".  Shortly after Soda came into my life, I felt a crippling pain in my lower back.  I thought I was dying. I hid under my desk at work, a small issue I have with vulnerability can be discussed at a later time, and I called my husband. "Scott, take me to the hospital right now!...Please!" I whispered as loudly as possible. When I arrived at the hospital, just kidding, 3 hours after I arrived at the hospital (I live in Miami), I was given a CT scan.  The diagnosis was 19 kidney stones. The remedy was more water, less diet coke.  Our kidneys flush out the waste in our bodies.  Without water our kidneys cease to function.

We are blessed to have clean water available to us and it is not difficult for us to acquire.  

I understand the value of water for my physical body as I understand the value of replenishing my spirit as an educator.  Our reservoirs must be filled so that we can pour out into our students.  As I enter my final year as president of FVA, I realize that what I have gained far exceeds what I have given.  That is the beauty of FVA.  It has quenched my thirst and filled my reservoir as an educator, as a leader, and as a friend.  I pray that this week we may all be renewed and invigorated.

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Celebrating 85 Years


Full Schedule
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Friday Morning Sessions


Lead with Love


Stretching for Singers


The "Frenemies" of Healthy Tone

Friday Afternoon Sessions


Justin Chase

Michelle Bendett

Work Smarter, Not Harder


Latin American Repertoire: Cantemos!


Shanpatrick Davis
Jay Dunn

Getting MPA Ready

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Rebecca Hammac

Preparing Students for

the All State Exams


Trevor Tran

Teaching Composition

Saturday Morning Sessions


Yoga for Singers


Tricks, Treatments & Transliteration:  Tools and Techniques to Train and Transform your Troupes.


The purposes of the Florida Vocal Association shall be:

1. to promote and develop interest in vocal and general music in Florida’s secondary schools;

2. to encourage improvement and advancement in school choral groups;

3. to advance music education in the State of Florida; and,

4. to encourage and assist the professional growth of the membership.

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